-Introducing Delish Miracle Lip Plumper -


Finally, a natural, affordable, pain-free lip enhancement solution!  



Delish Miracle Lip Plumper boasts the following incredible benefits:


  •  Increased microcirculation causes immediate, dramatic lip augmentation for up to 24 hours with no needles or side  effects.


  •  Perpendicular vibration technology is proven to induce the body's own natural production and flow of nature’s skin miracle - Hyaluronic Acid - the number one dermal filler used in cosmetic lip augmentation procedures.



  •  A precisely defined, science-based frequency and amplitude of vibration induces the body’s own production of NitricOxide which removes metabolic waste from the lip tissues, thereby slowing down the aging process in the lips



Other lip plumping solutions are expensive, painful, invasive or ineffective:


  •  Lip Injections/Implants  With a cost ranging from $700 - $1600 per procedure, lip implants and injections with various dermal fillers have accounted for over $1.5 Billion of yearly revenue in the United States alone.  Although lip injections are effective in augmenting the lips, they are expensive, painful and leave unsightly bruising for weeks. In addition, lip injections and implants carry risks of infection and permanent deformation and often require prescription pain medication for pain management.


  • Lip Glosses.  Lip glosses that promise lip plumping benefits range anywhere from $10 to $60 per tube.  These products are minimally effective and are often packed with painful vasodilators like red pepper that induce a burning/stinging sensation along with an almost invisible lip plumping effect.


  • Suction Cups.  Shot-glass type devices that use vacuum and suction to produce a lip plumping effect are the best-selling lip plumping products currently on the market.  These products have recently received massive media coverage not only for plumping the lips, but also for leaving women with suction-induced black and blue bruises on their lips for weeks.  Hence, although temporarily effective, vacuum-based lip plumpers have an ugly, lingering side effect of bruising.

Delish Miracle Lip Plumper is the first of its kind all natural, non-invasive lip enhancer that uses patent pending 

perpendicular vibration and focus-point surface technology to significantly increase lip volume for up to 24 hours with no pain, no needles  and no side effects. Moreover, in addition to temporary lip plumping effects, Delish may provide long term anti-aging benefits due to its effect on the body's natural production and flow of Hyaluronic Acid and Nitric Oxide. 




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